Guide to the best places to practice heliskiing in 2021

This year, the closure of certain ski resorts and ski lifts is an opportunity to test a new activity: heliskiing.The specialist in extraordinary experiences, Cookson Adventures, offers to take you on the slopes to practice this discipline.

“Reinvent the traditional ski vacation by climbing to the top of a lonely peak or flying in a helicopter to pristine slopes just waiting for you.[…] When the slope is yours, the fun can begin anytime..Raise a glass of champagne while overlooking a carpet of clouds in the company of your friends, and no one else, ”says Henry Cookson, founder of Cookson Adventures.

Do you feel like setting off to conquer these unexplored slopes? Heliskiing is made for you! Here are the top destinations Cookson Adventures offers for thrill seekers.

Kaçkar Mountains, Turkey

Cookson Adventures recommends this forgotten heli-skiing site for its narrow mountain range with perfect skiing conditions, and storms blow the humid Black Sea air over the mountains before dropping a surprising amount.of fresh snow on the heights.Each week exclusive access can be arranged for small groups, allowing you to enjoy the mountain with your friends or family only.

When to go January to March *

As you fly up to the Karakoram, this mountain range in the Gilgit-Baltistan mountainous region of northern Pakistan and home to the world's second highest peak (K2), you'll be skiing on almost pristine slopes., heliskiing has only been practiced there for a very short time, so adrenaline-fueled, you won't be disappointed! Escorted by considerate military officers, you will enjoy a dinner in the mountains, a team to film your exploits, helicopter tours and nights in a luxury camp.

Posted Date: 2021-02-17

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