Multi-millionaires at 29 thanks to electric snowmobiles

Taiga will be worth half a billion dollars before even delivering a single vehicle

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Three young Quebecers are on the verge of becoming multimillionaires thanks to their electric off-road vehicle company which is about to go public.

In April, when its shares start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Taiga Motors will be worth around half a billion dollars!

"It does not affect us too much, assures the Journal the CEO of Taiga, Samuel Bruneau.We have our big challenges on a daily basis: we want to be able to deliver our vehicles, to ramp up production.But as founders, that takes away a little stress from knowing that we will have all the necessary resources to do whatever we want to do.”

Now 29 years old, Samuel Bruneau, Gabriel Bernatchez and Paul Achard founded Taiga in 2015 and got to know each other while studying engineering at McGill University.

“We saw the opportunity to combine what we had learned at McGill and what was promised to be possible with electric technologies, to make snowmobiles, personal watercraft and off-road vehicles that would be able to compete with the best models at combustion, ”says Samuel Bruneau.

Taiga's goal? “Do a bit like Tesla and become the leader in all things off-road electrification,” he says.

Market giants Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), Polaris and Yamaha have yet to launch electric snowmobiles or personal watercraft - the challenge is to fit enough batteries into these small vehicles to generate the performance enthusiasts are looking for..

"If you take a traditional combustion snowmobile and try to convert to electric, it will be very difficult because you will not have enough space," explains Mr Bruneau.

Posted Date: 2021-03-20

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